I came to Laurie for EFT  feeling angry, stressed and resentful about my current work situation. I was stuck in my feelings which led to procrastination and the inability to complete necessary tasks. Within 30 minutes Laurie helped me release my negativity and shift my perspective on the whole situation. After our session I was able to sit down and accomplish my tasks without my emotions weighing me down. Laurie has the ability to make a heavy situation light, while also being compassionate and understanding. She is a lovely woman and an excellent practitioner.

I got Rolfing done when I was pregnant and had very bad heartburn. My baby was sitting up very high and felt like he was kicking me in the chest. I went to Rolfing and Laurie was able to release so much pressure and he dropped down. My heartburn and back pain lessened! I would not bypass getting Rolfing done, it helped so much body over all of my body.

I hadn’t heard of Rolfing but Laurie was recommended to me for my husband. She helped him with the immediate issue as well as stuff he thought wasn’t fixable!!!
So, I had to give it a try. It was really interesting, mostly relaxing and not painful at all. I felt so much better after, she even gave my bad ankle more range of motion.
Even with the new ankle motion, I was amazed at how much easier it was to go down the stairs and walk/run on the treadmill.
I would definitely recommend Laurie for help with aches and pains and realignment. Give it a try!!

After a Rolfing session with Laurie, I don't have anymore aches and pains. My jaw is able to relax and I quit grinding my teeth in my sleep, for months at a time. I could never be satisfied with a regular massage again, as Rolfing session gets better results.

My experience with rolfing after a fall on ice causing a badly broken wrist and damaged shoulder. After surgery I had limited movement in both the wrist and hand. I couldn't close the fingers enough to grip smaller objects. My wrist and shoulder injury made for a lot of pain and limited movement that made for a lot of difficulties in my job as a truck driver. It also caused me to over use my right arm and resulted in tendon and muscel damage in my shoulder and arm. My surgeon sugested that both shoulders would have to have surgery as i couldnt lift either arm higher than shoulder height. How ever after a series if treatments from Laurie I got full movement back in my shoulders and arms as well as my broken wrist and full grip and movement in my hand. She has also been able to free me of back and knee issues i have had for the last 35 years by having ocasional tune up treatments . I recomend rolfing without reservation as it has saved me from surgery maybe ever taking place. I can't thank Laurie enough. You have been a life saver for me.

Laurie Linsley
Certified Rolfer / EFT 
(250) 782-0447