Ida Rolf was a lady very ahead of her time. A physicist, biochemist as well as an advid yogi she came up with this form of structural corrective bodywork.

I think what makes Rolfing unique is looking at the whole physical picture. When a client comes to me with a sore neck I want to see their feet. We are trained to look from the ground up, as our lower body provides support for our whole body. Someone's imbalanced ankle joint from an injury 20 yrs ago can be the underlying problem for their sore neck...

The body is very much all connected. What happens in one place affects the whole. The tissue we work in is called fascia, it provides support and structure throughout our whole body. You could say a Rolfer is a fascia specialist! With a trained eye to see where imbalances are and knowing how to deal with this tissue it can be very effective in getting a body back into alignment. Making more space for everything to allow it to function as it should, eliminating pain and limitations is what we do. I have been doing this work since 2000 and I still continue to be fascinated by it and the human body with all of its complexitys!

Emotional freedom

technique (EFT)

This is a new tool I'm adding into my practice that I've personally had profound results with myself, family, friends and now clients. EFT or tapping is like accupuncture without needles. It has made quite a name name for itself with success in helping with PTSD and war vetrans and the survivors and those affected by school tragedies. This is a simple, easily learned technique that one can use on their own for immediate relief or guided with a practitioner to really get to the root of our issues and transform our lives. I would love to specialize in kids and teens as our issues are always set up in childhood when our brain is still developing and we have limited information and perspective. My vision is to help them clear these issues to allow them to become capable, competent adults who have healthy relationships and lives. This modality has really shown me how our emotional issues and trauma can manifest in our physical body. Hence the inspiration for my new business name! Peace Mind/Body Balance!

Laurie Linsley
Certified Rolfer / EFT 
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